Where To Get Good Brows in London

Blink Brow Bar | Liberty London 

Putting your brows in the hands of someone else can be scary at the best of times. I've had a few bad experiences with my eyebrows (a beauty therapist once put a slit in my eyebrow and covered it up with dye), so I'm always cautious when picking somewhere that will not pluck them to death or dye them a very scary interpretation of 'light brown'. Having heard about Blink a number of times, I concluded it must be half decent and decided to give it a try for myself. 


Located in Liberty London, just off Oxford Street, lies one of Blink's Brow Bars. Blink has a number of stores and concessions across London, including Topshop's Flagship Store and Notting Hill, to name a few. The staff were extremely friendly and saw me on a walk on in appointment - so no need to book far in advance, which is convenient for me. It's a little on the pricey side with a tint and shape coming in at £33, but you pay for what you get with Blink. The therapist understood exactly what I wanted and used the perfect tone for my hair and skin colour. The eyebrow tint only takes a few minutes to apply and gives your brows greater depth and presence to enhance your eyes. The tint on it's own costs £14 and will last up to 4 weeks. I find tints so convenient as it saves putting on eyebrow make-up everyday and generally gives your face a better shape - once you try it you won't look back.

It's worth popping in for a patch test a few days before as people can react differently to the dye. I've had the treatment done many times before, so was happy to sign a disclaimer, but some people have sensitive skin, so it's worth getting a test to be on the safe side. Otherwise, happy browing! 



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