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If you’re preparing to jet-set off somewhere exotic, there are certain products you know you couldn't leave the house without. After a day in the sun, go-to beauty products can be a life saver for both your skin and hair.  For me, its been a long (somewhat interesting) battle to find products I get along with but are also within my budget. I'm a huge believer in natural skin care and a self confessed lover of premium brands, however, when it comes to holidays and affordability I've learnt I would rather find a middle ground.

In my mind, truly useful travel products do the job in hand, aren't ridiculously expensive, and also fit nicely in my case or hand luggage. As you can probably tell, I could chat at length about skincare. So, to save you the misery I’ve rounded up a few of my go-to products that are absolute life savers on holiday..


I’m really big on natural skin care, especially when I’m in the sun as chemical laden products can seep into the skin and cause more damage than good. One of my all-time favourite brands in Sukin, I use their micellar cleansing water and chia seed oil on a daily basis. I find both products gentle on the skin and contain only natural ingredients, so they're great for people with skin allergies. 

I've also recently started using Hello Aloe by Chris James as an after-sun treatment for my face - this gem is definitely worth giving some airtime. It's pure Aloe Vera juice and works as a moisturiser to sooth the skin - it works wonders at cooling down the skin if you've caught the sun with the added bonus of being a food supplement if you add it to water. 

For my body, I use Palmer’s coconut body oil. It smells amazing and is so hydrating after a day of sunbathing. I’ll admit I’m not always loyal with body creams and oils; as a product hoarder I normally have a couple on the go. However Palmer's body oil has really stuck out lately and I feel like I smell great whenever I use it. Their body oil is best applied in the evening after you’ve showered, so you can allow it to soak into your skin over night, otherwise you might end up with oily clothes. If you're heading out, just allow yourself a bit of time to let the oil soak in before putting anything on. Alternatively, as a quick fix I love using it on my legs and arms before I go out for dewy looking skin.



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