How To Care For Your Hair In The Sun


Whilst we generally protect our skin from the sun, we often forget about protecting our hair. Any girl that’s been in the sun for a few weeks will know the sorry state it can leave your hair in, especially if you're spending a lot of time in chlorinated swimming pools. With reasonably long, highlighted hair mine is prone to dryness and I often struggle to keep the ends in check when I'm away. I'm no hair expert, but I have a few tips that have helped keep my hair protected whilst in the sun..


Use good quality products

In my experience, when it comes to hair it pays to spend a few pounds more and get a certified product that isn’t laden with chemicals. Changing my shampoo and conditioner to better quality products has had a huge impact on the overall health of my hair. This is more of a general tip that specifically when you're in the sun, but it will benefit when you're abroad so that chemicals aren't setting into your hair whilst you're sunbathing. 

Use Hair Oils

Using hair oil has made a huge improvement to my hair. Especially because I highlight my hair, it gets dry very quickly. When I was younger this never used to be a problem, but the older I am getting the more brittle my hair is - try using a Moroccan oil to keep the dryness at bay. It’s worked wonders for me.

 Other tips that can help…

Having a trim before you go on holiday can help to remove any damage and prevent your hair from breaking more. I also find using a hair mask before I go away helps to restore the moisturise levels. Try applying a couple of hair masks before and after your holiday to give it a bit of TCL. 

I also love to wear hats on holiday as they stop my scalp from burning. I picked this one up from a market in Bali, it's nice and lightweight so suits me when I'm walking around too. 

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Thank you for reading.

If there are any products or tips you recommend please let me know.

Meg x

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