Sunglasses, Style And Silhouette


Summer is upon us, as is an abundance of hazy evenings spent lounging in beer gardens with ice cold drinks and good company. With all these summer evenings it’s fitting to need clothes, accessories, and whatever else makes you feel like venturing out to capture the golden hour of the day..

I’ve pulled together my favourite relaxed looks to spend these long, summer evenings in. To me, summer clothing and accessories are about comfort and versatility, you want to be able to wear them in your local as much as you could wear them dining on the coast of Italy.

There are a few items I could wear all summer long and these Silhouette  beauties are certainly one of them. Paired with a soft dresses or jeans and tee they are a true statement piece. Essentially, glasses like these can make a whole outfit chic without you really having to try. Match them up with some statement earrings and you have a real showstopper. 

Thank you for reading! 

Meg x

Megan WesleyComment