Comfy Sandals To Get You Through Summer

Finding comfy sandals that will pass the test of time is not the easiest. If, like me, you love open toe sandals you can slip on all summer then you'll know the struggle in finding the right pair.

I struggle because I have really wide feet (sexy), so it limits the type of shoes I can wear.  I understand the difficulty in finding sandals that are right for your feet and won't break in five minutes, so hopefully this edit will give you a guide to the ones I've found the most comfortable and attractive this season. I recently discovered the most amazing pair of rope sandals from Nomadic State Of Mind - they are sooo comfy - can't recommend them enough. I've popped a link to the website below, however I ordered mine from Etsy as it was cheaper than their postage and packaging. 

I've included a combination of high street styles and some lovely high end sandals I have my  eye on, so there should be something for everyone! 


Thanks for reading! 

Meg x