Touring the Hunter Valley Wine Region | Australia


Wine Tasting in New South Wales

Blissful open road and not a sign of bad weather in sight, the Hunter Valley Wine region is one of Australia's true treasures. The Hunter Valley, north of Sydney in New South Wales, is home to some of the world's favourite wine varieties, such as Semillon and Shiraz. What struck me as so lovely is the number of family-run, boutique wineries, that truly live and breath the trade. The art of creating a great wine is something we can certainly all celebrate. 

Each winery gives you around five different wines to try, starting with the whites, moving through the reds and finishing on the sweet Tawney. After making our way around a few different wineries, it's safe to say we felt a little wobbly..

Most of the HV wineries offer cheese boards and cured meats to accompany the tasting. We stopped at Usher Tinkler for a bite to eat, where we had the most delicious sharing platter of vintage cheddar and ham. The Hunter Valley was an unforgettable day out and a chance to see rural, untouched NSW at it's best. 

Top wineries in the Hunter Valley: 

Audrey Wilkinson Winery

Usher Tinkler 

Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard 

Tyrrell's Vineyard 

Tintilla Estate 

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