Staying at Shangri-La Hotel | The Shard

The Shard, London

A weekend of luxury, relaxation and an idilic view of London sums up my time at the Shangri-La Hotel,The Shard pretty sweetly. Since visiting this gem in the heart of London, the Shangri-La has undoubtedly become one of my favourite hotel chains. Having a room on the 48th floor of The Shard meant the view for the weekend wasn't too bad at all. 


We stayed in a deluxe double that over-looked London Bridge. It goes without saying the room is pretty nice - we had an amazing view, a speaker dock, TV and coffee machine. To my excitement, our bathroom had a television in the mirror...not something I realised I wanted until staying here. 


A few floors above us was the infinity pool, which hotel guests have access to. We spent a couple of hours kicking back at the pool and enjoying the view. 


When we arrived back at our room, we were greeted with a chocolate cake. Ideaaal. I was supposed to share this with Jake, but accidently ended up eating it all myself, oops.


In the morning we got up and showered in this UNREAL shower and then headed down to the buffet breakfast, which was included in our room. 


The breakfast buffet was delightful, with a whole range of choice between a full English breakfast, healthy fruits and granola. There was a range of fruit juices, teas and coffee as well. Although it was looking rainy outside it was still one of the best views I've had for breakfast. 


We went exploring around London for the day and came back to enjoy lunch at The Ting restaurant. The portions were relatively small so I wouldn't go there if you have a big appetite, but it all tasted delicious.


Check out was a sad time after the weekend we'd had. It was a luxury experience and I would definitely stay there again if I could spare the pennies (lots of pounds, actually). 

To book a stay yourself or have a browse of their website, click here.

Enjoy! Megs x

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