How To Spend A Day In New York

Champagne Brunch Cruise on the Hudson | Bateaux New York

Bateaux New York stole the show for me, offering panoramic views of the city's sky line and live jazz music to set the tone for a relaxed morning on the Hudson. Sailing between Manhattan and New Jersey, the ride tails past the Statue of Liberty and under the Brooklyn Bridge. I was quite smitten being out on the water, it offered us an oasis of calm away from the chaos of the city, to truly appreciate the view.


A ten-minute taxi ride from Times Square, tucked inside Chelsea Pier, we clambered on board the Bateaux in our best gear. We were escorted to our table and greeted with a glass of champagne almost instantly – it was out-and-out luxury. When you’re flying to a different continent for the weekend, you might as well make the most of it, ey!

After half an hour or so of enjoying the view, the buffet was opened, offering everything from muffins and pastries to pesto pasta and chicken. I brunched on a strange concoction of all the above. In short, the buffet was a strange but delicious hit.

Outside, we moved towards to the Statue of Liberty – it was rather nippy out on the boat, so we didn’t stay out for too long, but what a view it was. If I were you I'd take a warm coat or coincide your trip with the summer's warmer temperatures. Despite the cold weather, the boat was nice and warm inside - it also had a glass ceiling and walls, so you don't miss out on any of the view. There are plenty of knockout cocktails to try on the menu too (which helped a little with the coldness), I sampled a berry, vodka blend of some description. It was very nice. We stopped to admire the financial district and Brooklyn bridge, before the boat eased its way back to shore. Expect to spend the perfect day on the Bateaux New York.


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