Exploring Berlin | A Short Guide

Discovering Berlin

Arriving in Berlin for the first time and getting a feel for the unique culture, I knew it was going to a be a city I liked. Naturally, our plan was to squeeze as many activities as humanly possible into the few days we had, so we could come home assured we'd seen everything we wanted. 

During that time it's safe to say we fell in love with the city - not only is Berlin thriving with history and culture, but it's also full of quirky bars and distinctive clubs that are unique to the city.


Brandenburg Gate

An iconic tourist stop, Brandenburg gate is one of the best known land-marks in Germany. The gate formerly represented the divide in Berlin and Germany during the cold war, but since has come to represent peace and unity in Germany. Seeing such a monumental gate in front of you is fascinating and something I didn't think I'd find as beautiful as I did. Adding to that, it's pretty crazy to think I was standing somewhere Hitler and thousands of SS members marched through. 


The Jewish Memorial

A short walk from Brandenburg Gate, the Jewish Holocaust Memorial is well worth a visit. It was freezing in Berlin and I hadn't quiet prepared myself for just how cold it would be (you can probably tell from my inappropriate choice of a jean jacket). The memorial is beautifully structured and demonstrates the tragic history in a way that makes you reflect on the period.

For more information on the Holocaust, check out this website.


The Berlin Wall (East Side Gallery)

Arriving at the East Side Gallery and viewing the vibrant street-art is fascinating and a must-do if you're visiting. The wall has come to represent an international memorial for freedom and is covered in inspirational and political artwork by way of reflection.  

Unfortunately there is a temporary fence around parts of the wall to protect the artwork, however, as you walk down the wall there are open parts for you to view. 


Eating Out

Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin

Located near Alexaderplatz in the city center, we stumbled upon the Radisson Blu Hotel restaurant. I have to admit we were starving and really cold so we ran into the first restaurant we could find. The inside of the hotel looks amazing and that pretty much won us for the meal. We got lucky though as the pizza and wine was great and not too expensive. 


Pascerella Karte

Next to our hotel we found a lovely Italian restaurant called Pascarella Karte. The restaurant was huge, so works perfectly if you're in a large group. I tried to be healthy and order a salad, but then felt I was being far too good, so ordered some sweet potato fries which were incredible. They covered them in Parmesan and rosemary - yumm.  


For more information on Berlin, check out the Visit Berlin website.

I'll definitely be making a return trip to the city, so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know :-) 

Megs x

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