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The Best of Croatia's Islands

Reminiscing of sunnier times when I was sipping on strawberry Mojitos at Hula Hula Beach Bar, I can't help but want to book a return trip to the Dalmatian Coast. Having a tendency to hibernate during the winter, when spring comes around I get stupidly excited about longer days, warmer evenings and the inevitable hunt for the perfect summer holiday.



Croatia's Dalmatian Coast caters for both backpackers and families a like, with beautiful historic towns and an equal amount of beach bars and clubs. A few girlfriends and I spent our first few days in Split, enjoying the culture, cosy restaurants and local markets. If you've visited before, you'll know how quaint the town and harbour feel - being only a five minute walk from the nearest beach didn't hurt either. Most of the beaches in Croatia are stone ones, which at first I thought I would hate, but soon came to love as I can't stand how sand seems to get everywhere and anywhere. The stone beaches really are that untouched, natural Croatia. A few days into our stay in Split we caught the boat over to the next island, Hvar. Split had been beautiful, but once we reached the shores of Hvar we couldn't help but feel we'd left a little sooner. 


Hvar is small Croatian Island, plush with yachts, beach bars and ice cream parlors. Being backpackers at the time, we stayed at Earthers Hostel, which was one of the most welcoming and clean I've come across. It had that open plan feel to it that didn't matter if you were inside or lying out in a hammock. The guys that owned the hostel were super friendly and often came out drinking with us, they were also really helpful in showing us the best local bars and restaurants. One of my favourite was Fig Cafe, which sits right in the harbour. 

The hostel itself sits on a hill over-looking the central harbour, with plenty of spots to kick back and enjoy the sunset. Not only was the hostel welcoming, but whilst we were there they ran a private day boat, giving us the chance to explore the coast and dive into the crystal clear waters. Floating around on the shore of such a beautiful island was heaven. 


Novaljia, Island of Pag

Home to Hideout, Fresh Island and Love Week festivals, Pag is a top party destination in Croatia. Pag is the fifth largest Island on the Croatian Coast, boasting beautiful views and painfully good weather. Festivals in the sun have the best vibes - and Hideout festival was no different. Despite having a fever when I got off the plane, after a few days in sun with friends I started to feel a whole lot better. Cocktails and good music. what's not to love? 

Thanks for reading! Meg x

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