Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

In a bid to feel festive, some friends and I headed to Hyde Park to experience the wonderland everyone speaks so fondly off (except for my colleague that is, who refers to it a 'gloried fun-fair').

Being the Saturday before Christmas we expected it to be busy, luckily for us the crowds didn't put us off and the wonderland had plenty to offer in terms of rides and attractions. After a few spins around the revolving carousel bar - sounds odd, sort of is - we were told to exit out of 'Santa Land' and head towards the Bavarian Village, where you can relax in the Bavarian Beer Gardens with seating, outdoor bars and food stalls. Admittedly, after finding the mulled wine and live music we spent most of our time there thereafter.

The mulled wine is about £5 a glass, which is a little on the pricey side, but you're given decent serving and it tastes delicious. It's heated up in front of you in giant copper barrel and served fresh. Next to the bar, we set up camp and listened to the live music. I must admit it was a bit of an odd mix of genre, with everything from Ben E King to Mariah Carey playing. Nonetheless, it was a good laugh and got me in the festive spirit.