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If you love chilli crab, cocktails, and sky high views, then Singapore is the place for you. It is the world's only island city-state, lying only one tiny degree north of the equator. The city reminds me of something out of a sci-fi movie with its towering sky-scrappers and meticulously clean streets (chewing gum and spitting is banned). It's a city you awe at. 

 Whenever I am travelling I always have a real pinch me moment that makes me appreciate this little planet we live on - sometimes, as cliché as it sounds, having time to see other cultures and ways of living helps us put things in perspective. So, we hopped on possibly the most cramped and budget airplane from Malaysia to Singapore to enjoy a few days of exploring, eating local delicacies, and drinking cocktails with family and friends.


I wanted to share one of my favourite little spots with you - Tanjong Beach Club. We were lucky enough to be staying with Jake's family, who showed us the best spots in Singapore (away from some of the tourist traps) to make sure we had the best time. Whilst we were exploring Sentosa Island we made a stop at Tanjong Beach Club.

Palm trees, blue skies and great company, the beach is a peaceful getaway from the busy centre of Singapore. It’s hard to believe it’s a completely man made beach, everything about it makes you feel like you’re on a tropical island (which you are, but you know what I mean).   Praised for its nostalgic maritime influences and mid-century modernism, the beach club is the perfect chill out spot if you're in the city. Enjoy their drinks, comfy loungers, and infinity pool for a day of R&R…

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