Simple ways to eliminate stress


Simple ways to eliminate stress   

Stress comes in all different forms, from jobs and expectations we may have of ourselves, to everyday home life pressures. If you’re like me, you stress over things that haven’t happened. Often they never do, it's just about managing your personal worries and anxiety. 

Learning to manage stress is one of the most important things you can do. Here are a couple of tricks that will hopefully help you: 

Take a break

Sometimes we need to step back from a situation to gain clarity. Stresses build up when we’re too busy and don’t have time to process everything that is going on. Taking a moment, day, or week to recharge can give you time to breathe and gain perspective on the situation.


Give yourself more time

Getting up earlier (even by 15 minutes) will give you a quiet time in the morning to prepare yourself for the day ahead. It can be hard at first, but after a while you will appreciate the extra time you've given yourself.  I know it’s tempting to get up as late as humanly possible before you leave the house, but you will feel a lot less stressed if you allow yourself more time. 


Enjoy social time

Getting out more, being social, going to the gym can all improve my overall well-being. Actively getting yourself outside and socialising will get you meeting other people and seeing the positive in life. When you’re out enjoying other people’s company it stops you from overthinking on your own so much and putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Overall, keeping yourself active and social you will feel more balanced and reduce your stress levels.


Work smarter, not harder

Prioritising your work and only concentrating on what matters to you and what is important will be a saving grace when you're stressed. Making sure you've got certain tasks out of the way will make a real difference, and then you can relax and switch off for a while. Even though you want to leave the things you don't like doing until last, it's better to get them out of the way. You'll be amazed how relieved you are when you have a piece of work or job you didn't want to do out of the way. 


Thank you for reading. If you have any tips that have helped you let me know :)

Meg x