Five Smart Ways To Manage Your Time Effectively

5 Smart Ways To Manage Your Time Effectively


Time pressures have never been more ripe than they are now – with mobiles and smartwatches, we’re expected to be available all day, every day. Although I love to be busy, I do find it difficult to balance  my time between work, friends, family - the list goes on. Often If I'm doing well in one area of my life, another area will suffer. This is why having a few little tricks for managing our time can be helpful - so we can keep the balancing act of our conflicting demands in check, and not end up too overloaded. 


Avoid procrastination (keep a watch on you)

If I could recommend one thing, it would be to get yourself a watch. Having an old school watch on you not only helps to keep you on time, but it stops the temptation to constantly check your phone. As soon as you see a notification pop up, it’s far too tempting to click on Facebook or Instagram and then find yourself deep into a viral video thread half an hour later. It happens. Avoid the temptation when you're trying to crack on with work or a project and stick to the old school methods of time keeping.  

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Always allow a bit of extra time

I am terrible for leaving things to the last minute -  running for trains a few minutes before they depart is a particularly bad habit of mine. I’ve learnt my life is a lot less stressful if I allow extra time for things. Whether this means getting up earlier for work, or heading to the train station ten minutes before I had planned, it allows me extra time for unexpected traffic or travel delays. Overall, you’ll end up feeling a lot less stressed if you allow extra time for things.



Give what you’re doing your undivided attention

Whether it’s finishing a project, seeing your friends or visiting family, give what you’re doing your undivided attention. The temptation to check emails when you're outside of work can often leave you checking your phone more than you would like to - try switching off from other people's demands when you’re focusing on a project or spending time with someone. You'll feel a lot better for it. When we try and do a hundred things at once, we end up not doing the task in front of us to the best of our ability. It is better to take our time and not worry about trying to conquer everything in one day. 


Keep a to-do list

Sounds simple, but having a ‘to-do’ list focuses your mind on important objectives. You are less likely to forget to-do tasks if you have them written down. Having what you need to do in a list in front of you can also help to order your thoughts. Having a clear list will help to show the bigger picture and prioritise what is more important. Overall, this will help you to feel more in control and save you time.


Don’t stress if you can’t do everything

There will be times in life when you have to work more and socialise less, and equally there will be times when you are living like a king and work takes a back seat. It’s important to understand that life comes in peaks and troughs, and sometimes we have to prioritise certain areas of our lives in order to achieve the things that are important to us. Whether you’re working hard to achieve something and it means you are neglecting your friends for a while, or you are taking time to spend with your friends because you need to relax and have some fun, it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. As long as things doesn't shift too far in one direction and you remember to have some balance, things will swing back to normal eventually!


Thank you for reading! :) 

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