Five Tips To Stay Motivated & Accomplish Goals


How To Stay Motivated

Gaining and sustaining motivation can be challenging at the best of times. I'm sure you're familiar with times when you have a to-do list longer than your arm, but actually tackling it (along with everything else you want to achieve), seems tireless and unachievable.

It's no secret that motivation doesn't come easily. It's something most of us have to tap into, to find excitement about working towards the things we want. When we put off things we want or need to achieve for too long, we can end up feeling over-stressed and incapable. So, to help push you out of a motivational rut, I've come up with a few tips that have helped me: 

1) Set achievable short-term goals

Create a small, achievable list of goals that you can complete by the end of the day or week. Smaller, short-term goals make tasks more manageable (plus, it's satisfying to cross things off your to-do list). When we want to get the end result immediately, we often start something that we can’t finish, because we didn’t anticipate or account for the journey to get there. Consider all the elements it takes to reach your goal, start small, and over time you will get to where you want to be. Rome wasn't built in a day...


2) Visualise long-term goals

Visualise where you would like to be a year from now. 2 years from now. 5 years from now. Where do you see yourself? What would you like to have achieved by this time? What will it take to work towards these visual goals?

Whilst we don't need to have a solid plan for the future, or to know exactly where our lives are heading, it is helpful for us to visualise where we would like to be. In our busy lives, it's easy to forget what is important to us. Taking some to think about long term goals helps us see the bigger picture. Having goals and visions to work towards can also be extrememly powerful in driving us to take steps in the present. 


3) Learn about someone inspirational

Be it Steve Jobs or J.K.Rowling - whoever inspires you - get reading about their journey to the top. Learning from others can be hugely inspiring and helps to you show the journey they took to make it to where they are now. Feeling inspired by others can be really powerful in motivating you to go out and make things happen for yourself. Intensify Marketing Agency in LA has a great blog on how you can pursue your passions. 

4)  Clear and clean your space

Sounds trivial, but having a clear out and cleaning your space will make you feel so much more focused and organised. This is one I usually struggle with or leave to the last minute, but as soon as I have a proper clear out, I feel so much better. The physical feeling of being on-top of the mess in your life can also create mental space -  the phrase 'tidy room, tidy life' really resonates with me when I've had a good tidy! 


5) Get outside

Go for a walk, get some fresh air, and get your body moving.

I can feel pretty groggy when I walk up in morning, but as soon as I get outside and get moving, I feel miles better. Physical activity will wake up your body, get you thinking more clearly, and feel positive about taking on the day. Getting outside in nature is also a great way to clear the mind from stresses - even a ten-minute walk can really improve your mood. Try and make physical activity part of your daily life in some small way - you'll feel better after stretching your legs and getting outside for a while. 

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