Easing Stress In Your Life..


I recently got back from a long-weekend in Devon, a place that is rapidly becoming one of my favourite staycation spots. I've discovered some beautiful walks there and it got me thinking about how busy most our lives are these days, to the point where we often don't have the time to look up and appreciate our home turf.

Whether work pressures have got on top of you, or you’ve just had a stressful change in your life, I hope this might help a little. 


Go for a walk

As someone who is pretty active (happily so), I find it far too easy to burn the candle at both ends. Whilst I love what I do and I'm fortunate in so many ways, there are certainly times that despite all of this, things just get on top of you. Usually in the form of a cold or the desire to stay in bed all day and do sweet F-all. When it gets to this point, typically you're worn out and not able to function at your best. When stress gets the better of me, instead of reaching for a glass of wine (as I often do), I'm reminding myself to take time to go on a nice walk and simply enjoy walking from A to B. It really is the best way to clear your head and get a sense of reality again. 


Read a great book..

Sometimes I love the thought of coming home and reading a book, rather than heading straight back to screen life with another Netflix episode. Books have always been a bit of a sweet escape for me, they show you a different perspective on things, they're thought-provoking and they get you out of your own head-space for a while. I'm really trying to remind myself to read more often as I always enjoy it so much when I do. Even if it is 15 minutes before bed, or when you get home from work, reading can really have a positive impact on stress. Favourites of mine / currently reading are Eat, Pray, Love and Sapiens.


Plan your week first 

Starting with the most chaotic areas, take a little bit of time to plan out your week and things you have to do. When things get a bit overwhelming, taking time on Sunday to reset the clock and plan the week does the world of good. I'll admit I'm pretty useless when it comes to things like meal prepping, but running through my diary and a to-do list has really helped me relax on a Sunday. Rightly or wrongly, tasks hanging over your head don't feel quite so big when you write them down. 


Go Easy on Yourself

Lastly, don’t feel the pressure to do everything at once. Life is a process so try to enjoy those little moments like just being at home, going on a nice drive (like Daisy below), or having dinner with friends. When you take time to appreciate the nicety in doing nothing, it's really quite special. This is something to remind yourself of when you start putting pressure on yourself to constantly 'do', rather than just chill out and enjoying what you like.



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