Productivity In Winter

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How To Be Productive In Winter 

We often start winding down as we head towards winter. Despite my best effort, I usually fall out of love with my gym routine (Netflix and a warm sofa sound so much more appealing) and start binging on leftover Halloween chocolate and mince pies. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, the coming of winter doesn't mean we have to fall completely off the wagon. In fact, I would argue it's the best time of year to reset, focus on what you're doing, and get sh*t done.

Here are a few tips to help you crack on.

1) Enjoy a weekend in 

As I'm getting older I LOVE a weekend in. I can chill out, tick tasks off my list, work on blog content, eat well - and I feel great on Monday morning. Don't get me wrong, I still love going out and keeping busy. But having the occasional weekend to relax and get on with tasks makes me so much more productive. I'm not suggesting you go T-total, but try having a weekend to yourself once in a while and it will help you reset.

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2) Plan a winter holiday or a weekend trip 

Avoid the post-Christmas dip by planning your next getaway. Having a little holiday or weekend trip planned can really help to keep you motivated through the winter.

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3) Start something new 

This time of year is a chance for you to embrace something new. If you want to train for a marathon, take up a new exercise class, or join a club, there’s no time like the present; you'll have a head start on the all the 'new year, new me' goers too.

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4) Get Organised

The best way to boost your productivity is to get yourself organised. Whether that means buying a diary, writing a to-do list, cleaning your room/flat, or planning your weekly shop, getting organised is going to help you be and feel more productive. I often find when I write things down and keep an organised diary I feel less stressed. There is something about taking tasks out of my head and on to a piece of paper that puts my mind at ease. Try it for yourself.

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Thank you for reading! 

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