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After a fun evening earlier this week at Franklin & Sons end of summer celebration, I thought it was only right to share the occasion with you. Arriving on Monday evening to a selection of spiced G&Ts and Indian street food at a one-night pop-up eatery at Cinnamon Kitchen & Anise was a rather nice way to start the week.

The G&Ts in question were crafted with Star of Bombay and East India Company gins, mixed with Franklin & Sons natural tonic. Noticeably, the G&T tankers felt more like fish-bowls (not complaining) and were paired with Indian street food prepared by Cinnamon Kitchen’s Head Chef, Santosh Shah. The event itself was inspired by the Bombay Bicycle Club, when food was delivered on the bikes in India, One of the dishes I loved was the fried paneer (anything cheesy and fried is usually a hit with me). I'll admit we got a little distracted with the gin, so the food consequently took a bit of a backseat during the evening, but it was all delish and complimented the drinks nicely.


Interestingly, I recently discovered tonics have got a bad rap about containing a lot rubbish (namely Aspartame). Franklin & Sons have topped the market with their natural tonics, which not only contain only naturally occurring ingredients but when mixed with gin actually taste far better. Admittedly, I've not been hugely into gin before, but that's definitely changed as of late from trying great drinks like these. 

I was also a newbie to Cinnamon Kitchen and was pleasantly surprised at how cool and hidden away the venue was. It never fails to amaze me how many lovely restaurants there are tucked away in London that you would never usually find. I'm genuinely chuffed to have discovered this gem just off Liverpool street - definitely worth a visit in my mind. 


You can find out more about Franklin & Sons tonics here.

I've popped a link and map to Cinnamon Kitchen below for you too if you'd like to check it out for yourself

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