The Good Life Eatery

Located in Sloane Square, The Good Life Eatery has created a menu that not only encourages you to eat healthier, but tastes amazing. If you're on a health kick this year, The Good Life Eatery offers a range of smoothies, juices, salads and even gluten-free waffles which are guilt-free and boast a host of health benefits.

The cafe is small and cosy, seating somewhere between 15-20 people. Set up 3 years ago by co-founders Yasmin Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros, The Good Life Eatery believes in nourishing the body from the inside out.

Credit: @goodlifeeatery

Credit: @goodlifeeatery

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Creamy Feta, Avocado and Pepper Salad Recipe

This simple, savoury salad is easy to make and packed with goodness that will give you energy and nourishment.

You will need:

  • Salad leaves or chopped lettuce (amount to your liking)  
  • One sweet red pepper 
  • One small avocado 
  • 5 cherry tomatoes 
  • ¼ cucumber 
  • 50g feta 
  • 1tsp flaxseed (optional) 
  • Half a lemon
  • 2tsp olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper (to taste)

Wash all fresh veg under cold water and leave in a colander to drain. Once washed, chop the vegetables into small chunks and combine them in a mixing bowl with the salad leaves.

For the dressing, squeeze half a lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper into a mixing bowl and drizzle on top. Finally, crumble the feta on top and sprinkle the flaxseed over the salad (for an extra dose of omega 3).


Brunch at Grain Store


Located 10 minutes from King's Cross station lies Chef Bruno Loubet's latest venture. The choice of cafe's and restaurants in London can be overwhelming at times, but if you're looking for something a little bit different,the Grain Store is one to try. Although the menu does have fish and meat, each dish is given an equal billing of vegetables. 

The restaurant has a real rustic feel,, set up in a 19th century warehouse north of the main station. The space is perfect for a special occasion or birthday meal. According to the Telegraph it offers "a menu that champions sustainability and vegetables".

I opt for the lavish Bruno's power breakfast: Eggs benedict with truffle, broccolini, ratatouille, avocado on toast & dukka. Alongside this, I picked the 'Heidi Smoothie', which is made up of Banana, bee pollen, honey, buttermilk and oats.

If you're on a budget, this restaurant definitely boarders on the pricey side. But, of course, being into food myself, it was well worth the money.

If you're into clean eating, the Grain Store will be a hit with you. Check out the website here.

Bruno power breakfast  

Bruno power breakfast  

Outside terrece

Outside terrece

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